EDiRM is a programme offered to meet the needs of the retail industry. It is a flexible modular program and candidates will be awarded with certificate of achievement after successfully completing each module leading to the Executive Diploma Certification.

Our Executive Diploma requires 210 contact hours and each Certificate on its own requires 84 contact hours. Each module takes one (1) month to complete and each certificate (Certificate in Store Operations, Certificate in Retail Merchandising, Certificate in Retail Finance, and Certificate in Retail Strategy) takes two (2) months to complete.  Overall, EDiRM takes five (5) months to complete.

This programme is a jointly taught by UiTM and Akademi Peruncitan PERNAMA.

Module Outline:

Module 1: The World of Retailing (Prerequisite)
Module 2: Store Operations
Module 3: Retail Merchandising
Module 4: Retail Finance
Module 5: Retail Strategy

Public Programmes:

Time: March and July

Fees: EDiRM: RM7,500/person
Fees: Certicate: RM1,500/person

For more information, please contact:

03-5521 1942 | IBE General Line

To download brochure, please send your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.