Representing the biggest faculty of the biggest university in Malaysia, IBE’s strength spans a spectrum of disciplines. The size of the academics and the breadth of expertise provide such diversity and richness in thoughts and practices that never fail to amaze our stakeholders. Indeed IBE is spoiled for choices and is currently organized into four units/functions:

  • Professional & Enterprise Development (PED);
  • Consultancy & Services (CS);
  • Corporate Communication & Event Management (CCEM) and;
  • Centre for Clothing Technology and Fashion (CollecTION).

Headed by a director, these units/functions support and complement each other as we evolve towards providing better services to our clients. IBE prides itself as a Reference Centre for Retail Related Services and Research for which this is its niche area. With service as its main thrust, IBE is proud to have successfully secured contract research alongside academic research grants nationally as well as internationally.

Operating is a very volatile business environment, IBE proactively seek new retail frontiers to ensure that it remains relevant to the industry, both local and internationally, whilst aligning with the national agenda. The institute asserts an extraordinary history of successfully satisfying high quality research consultancy, to meet the specific needs of an extensive list of national and international organizations. IBE’s reputation is founded upon its demonstrated talent to deliver noticeable results and generate a positive impact for its clients. The Institute has the privilege to work with many local and international retailers as well as with other industries including finance, education, engineering, technology and telecommunication as well as with government linked companies (GLCs).

On the academic front, the Institute has guided researchers on various methods & software packages that bring out the best of their research. These efforts are made possible due to the handwork, commitment and dedication of its staff. We are proud to note that that we had successfully secured grants to undertake fundamental research in the area of retailing. These achievements would indeed escalate IBE’s quest to attain the status of Centre of Excellence (COE).