Welcome to the main website of Institute of Business Excellence (IBE), the training, consultations and research in business of Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia with a plethora of resources dedicated to discovery, to making knowledge matter and to developing all of its members to their utmost potential.

Carrying on our role as the consultancy and business arm for the university, we have successfully secured various consultancy projects and research grants; adding to our existing portfolio of businesses.We continue to solicit, network and collaborate with new prospects, while at the same time maintain an excellent services to our existing clients. We treat our clients more than just customers; but as friends as well. Repeat businesses from our longtime clients are testimony to the trust and confidence that they have towards us.

As the years unfold, IBE has successfully implemented the steps towards an excellent centre. We have evolved into being a more successful and reliable centre with a vast number of clients nationally and internationally. IBE offers business management services to small, medium and micro enterprise owners to help them establish and grow their business. IBE provides professional services to support clients to successfully drive their retail business by providing insight on the journey and how to avoid potential pitfalls so that the business stands a better chance of success.

In conjunction with its mission and vision, we strive to become a retailing centre of excellence where knowledge is enriched and practice is enhanced. 

We'd be pleased to see you along that journey!