Message from Director

It is with my sincerest gratitude and appreciation that I wish to thank Universiti Teknologi MARA for this appointment as Director of Institute of Business Excellence (IBE). Indeed, it is a great honour to be holding this esteemed position at the helm of steering this centre of excellence for the University. Hence, this position comes with aspiration, goals and achievements that I hope to pursue together with the IBE team.

Since its inception, under the founding Director, Professor Dr Sofiah Abdul Rahman, IBE has been a retailing centre of excellence where knowledge is enriched and practice is enhanced.

Through the years, the Institute specialises in providing HRDF claimable training, consultancy, building indices, organising events and conferences as well as research and publication. With such activities, it is my ardent hope to continue this legacy of excellence and distinction.

In this address too, I would like to express my appreciation upon the commitment and dedication of the IBE team into making the Institute what it is today. For the past decades IBE has been building excellent business intelligence and facilitating exchange of knowledge among the business communities of the country. Aspiring to continue its glorious path, I hope that my stewardship and the team’s tenacity will continue to provide business and management expertise to members in the business communities through collaborative efforts and industrial linkages. Hence, IBE can contribute further into bringing the national community to greater heights.

In line with the current business world and global demand, IBE also sees the significance of internationalisation. With its strong foundation in the aspects of business and management, international networking and collaboration, I am positive towards moving forward with the expectation to develop the local business community into the international platform. The borderless world has made it possible to make plans possible via the physical as well as the virtual world. Technology and all its like has created provision of business from every corner of the world to get connected. I am confident together with my team, IBE will achieve.

In current times, another aspect of development has included the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), launched by the United Nations (UN) in efforts to transform the world. SDG and IBE are in the same realm by playing its role to develop the community. With its relevance and dependency on business, it is apparent that IBE can path its ways to achieve some of the SDGs. Hence, the commitment and hard work of all team members is crucial to achieve them.

In upholding this aspiration, it is my hope that this Institute can manifest its efforts to bring changes towards the community well-being. Again, in meeting our country’s aspiration of creating a high income community, I intend to uphold the University’s target in transforming the society through IBE strategies and efforts. Indeed, in my final words, I would do the level best to continue steering the Institute to be the next Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HICoE).