Corporate Communication & Event Management (CCEM) is the public relations arm of IBE, which handles a wide array of clients and is involved in various external and internal public relations activities. CCEM is in charge of organizing IBE Events and also providing assistance to students and staff in various events such as Student Events, Special Events and MoU/MoA signings.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
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CCEM main job scope include:

  • Administer the IBE diary and the monthly event planner
  • Help organise, coordinate and handle IBE events
  • Execute excellent public relations and effective coordination of IBE’s special annual events
  • Entertaining Visits by other Universities, Clients and the Ministry
  • Engage and build strong relationships with the media in order to ensure IBE gets the proper media coverage
  • Ensure information on the website is frequently updated
  • Develop ideas and execute direct mail and internet advertising activities

At the same time, Corporate Communication & Event Management (CCEM) strives to be the key division that provides commitment to excellence, with a balance of values, expectations, concerns, priorities and morale, in achieving its mission of projecting IBE as the centre for excellence domestically and internationally.