IBE utilizes a team of professionals in Human Resource (HR) management with a blend of industry and academic experience who can systematically and strategically provide small, medium and large sized organizations with related HR advice and consultancy. Our team approach is to provide expertise from many different areas of Human Resources, something one person alone could not provide. 

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Among the important goals that could be used in our HR analysis, research study and consultancy to our clients are to: 

  • reduce eliminate redundant administrative workload and costs for companies
  • control and monitor the growth of salary and other benefit costs
  • improve recruitment and retention of a qualified workforce
  • increase employee morale and job satisfaction
  • enhance benefit flexibility and choices for employees
  • improve employee productivity, engagement and work performance
  • assist in making the employee compensation competitive in the market


Consultancy Services include but not limited to the following:

  Strategic HR Planning
  Key Performance Indicators
  360 Degree Feedback
  Organisational Development
  Compensation & Benefits
  Job Description & Job Design
  Human Resources Audit

  Talent Management
  Organizational Culture & Diversity
  Balance Scorecard
  Competency Framework
  Policies & Procedures
  Employer Branding & Reputation

  Succession Management
  Focus Groups
  Change Management
  Coaching & Mentoring
  Employee Survey
  Performance  Management
  Training Needs Analysis