Deputy Director

Professor Dr  Rosidah Musa is currently the Deputy Director for Institute of Business Excellence (IBE). Her  main role is in research whereby she has led the research team for many years. The institute is one of the pioneering academic centres that devote to research related to the retailing industry. IBE conducts research with direct relevance to practitioners and policy makers, but not undermine the academic rigorous analysis and thinking. The central theme of the study relates to consumer behaviour, psychology and lifestyle which directly or indirectly affects the retail industry. The following are some examples of research work that reflect IBE research priorities. The research priorities serve an essential function at IBE in determining conferences, seminars, workshops and training organized and hosted by IBE. 

Below we provide some examples of our work in each of these areas:.

Modification of uses and gratification (U&G)  theory in explaining gamification pathology (GP)

Customer experience has become an important factor for success in contemporary retailing, requiring firms to look beyond pricing strategies and product innovation. Retailers have begun to enhance the online customer experience is through the application of game mechanics to online shopping, a process known as “gamification”. Gamification and serious games are relatively new terms used to describe the application of game mechanics to engage users and solve problems. As a new research area, gamification is still being unexplored. This study makes both an empirical and theoretical contribution to the retailing literature by integrating theories of media communication and consumer behaviour to bridge the gap in the original series which aims to increase loyalty and ultimately sales of e-tailers.

Theorizing islamic retail experiential value in predicting retail experience quality

The aim of this study is to develop a new measurement scale. This new scale is based on the established scale of Experiential Value. The spiritual value will be integrated into Experiential Value scale added as a new dimension and it will integrate in a new scale known as Islamic Retail Experiential Value (rev). The relationship between rev with Retail Customer Experience will be hypothesized and validated.  Subsequently, the effect of iREV on consumer emotional attachment will be examined.

Examining the dimensional structure and psychometric properties of social media intelligence measurement scale (SMiQ)

There is still limited empirical evidence that explores the effect of Internet dependency on graduate employability. Generally, there have been active discussions among employers and academic scholars pertaining to digital skill gap. Accordingly, the primary objective of this research is to develop a new scale called Social Media Intelligence (SMiQ) which is an integration of Social Media Literacy and Business Intelligent.