Authors Title Journal

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Measuring shopping values of Malaysian retail consumers

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

Azreen Jihan Che Mohd Hashim, ROSIDAH BINTI MUSA (DR.)

Modeling the Effects on the Attitude of young Adult Urban Muslim Women Towards Halal Cosmetic Products: New Insights for Championing the Halal Economy

International Journal of Education and Research

Irfah Najihah Basir Malan, Norhana Salamudin and Noryati Ahmad

Ultimate Owner Cash Flow Rights Level on Value Relevance of Earnings Information of Pyramid Firms

International Review of Business Research Papers Vol. 9. No. 4. May 2013 Issue. Pp. 33 – 52

Rosidah Musa & Rezian-na Muhammad Kassim

Predictors and Outcomes of Sport Event Experiential Value: Insights from Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

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Norfadzilah Abd Razak, Wan Edura Wan Rashid, Hairunnisa Ma’amor, Nini Hartini Asnawi, Nor Lela Ahmad, and Nur’Ain Achim

Le veraging Knowledge Transfer in Strategic Human Resource Management

IJTEF 2013 Vol.4(4): 168-172 ISSN: 2010-023X

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Service Quality towards Customer Loyalty in Malaysia?s Domestic Low Cost Airline Services

IJEEEE 2013 Vol.3(4): 333-336 ISSN: 2010-3654

Irfah Najihah Basir Malan, Norhana Salamudin and Noryati Ahmad

Ownership and Control Divergence on Firm Value

Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies, Vol-IV Issue-1 Jan 2013

Irfah Najihah Basir Malan, Norhana Salamudin and Noryati Ahmad

Determinants of Firm Affiliation to Pyramid Structure: A Survey From Malaysian Public Listed Firms

Journal of Asian Scientific Research, 2013, 3(6):549-569

Mariatul Aida Jaffar, Rosidah Musa


International Journal of Education and Research Vol. 1 No. 8 August 2013

Jamaliah Mohd. Yusof, Rosidah Musa, Sofiah Abd. Rahman

Role of Shopping Value on Green Image and Store Loyalty Relationship

Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies - Volume 3, Number 9

Mohd Norfian Alifiah, Norhana Salamudin, Ismail Ahmad

Prediction of Financial Distress Companies in the Consumer Products Sector in Malaysia

Jurnal Teknologi, Vol 64, No 1

Noor Syahieda Mat ShahNor Lela Ahmad, Wan Edura Wan Rashid, Norfadzilah Abd Razak, Ahmad Nizam Mohd. Yusof, and

Green Event Management and Initiatives for Sustainable

International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance

Azreen Jihan Che Mohd Hashim, Rosidah Musa

Importance of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Spiritual Congruence (SC) : Factors that May Contribute to Individual’s Attitude towards