IBE utilizes a team of professionals in Human Resource (HR) management with a blend of industry and academic experience who can systematically and strategically provide small, medium and large sized organizations with related HR advice and consultancy. Our team approach is to provide expertise from many different areas of Human Resources, something one person alone could not provide. 

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Among the important goals that could be used in our HR analysis, research study and consultancy to our clients are to: 

  • reduce eliminate redundant administrative workload and costs for companies
  • control and monitor the growth of salary and other benefit costs
  • improve recruitment and retention of a qualified workforce
  • increase employee morale and job satisfaction
  • enhance benefit flexibility and choices for employees
  • improve employee productivity, engagement and work performance
  • assist in making the employee compensation competitive in the market


Consultancy Services include but not limited to the following:

  Strategic HR Planning
  Key Performance Indicators
  360 Degree Feedback
  Organisational Development
  Compensation & Benefits
  Job Description & Job Design
  Human Resources Audit

  Talent Management
  Organizational Culture & Diversity
  Balance Scorecard
  Competency Framework
  Policies & Procedures
  Employer Branding & Reputation

  Succession Management
  Focus Groups
  Change Management
  Coaching & Mentoring
  Employee Survey
  Performance  Management
  Training Needs Analysis  


HEAD of CollecTION


CollecTION is founded with a vision to be Malaysia’s first reference center for clothing technology and fashion at a professional level, while leading the way for a quality skilled education in this interesting world of fashion. Our passion is to provide world class quality educational experience to fashion and clothing enthusiasts/practitioners - combining art, science and business elements to prepare them to become top fashion entrepreneurs/retailers/specialists/technologists.

With international partners such as SITAM-AB fashion school and the only textile professional body in the world – the Textile Institute, UK, we are at the forefront to offer unique technologically based training programmes using TELESTIA products; sophisticated tools, workbooks and software. We designed tailor made short courses to enhance skills as well as offer internationally accredited programmes such as Professional Certified Apparel Product Development and Professional Apparel Product Development Degree.


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Corporate Communication & Event Management (CCEM) is the public relations arm of IBE, which handles a wide array of clients and is involved in various external and internal public relations activities. CCEM is in charge of organizing IBE Events and also providing assistance to students and staff in various events such as Student Events, Special Events and MoU/MoA signings.

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CCEM main job scope include:

  • Administer the IBE diary and the monthly event planner
  • Help organise, coordinate and handle IBE events
  • Execute excellent public relations and effective coordination of IBE’s special annual events
  • Entertaining Visits by other Universities, Clients and the Ministry
  • Engage and build strong relationships with the media in order to ensure IBE gets the proper media coverage
  • Ensure information on the website is frequently updated
  • Develop ideas and execute direct mail and internet advertising activities

At the same time, Corporate Communication & Event Management (CCEM) strives to be the key division that provides commitment to excellence, with a balance of values, expectations, concerns, priorities and morale, in achieving its mission of projecting IBE as the centre for excellence domestically and internationally.




The Centre offers professional development opportunities for middle management and business professionals. As an enterprise department of IBE, the Center provides consultancy, training, and academic services to private and public sector organizations. Formal certificate programs are designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and skillsets in specific areas of business, while specialty programs and workshops may be requested to tailor to the individual needs of an organization, company, or client.

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CPED main job scope include: 

  • Solicit trainings through customer engagement and promotional activities (eg. website, brochure)
  • Facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities towards career path


Programs and Services:

    PR & Communication
    Soft Skills Training
    Leadership and Management

All units organise events, conduct training, provide consultations and undertake both contract research in retail business, management and related areas. 

These units provide a platform to enhance networking with practitioners, academia and regulatory bodies. In an effort to create competitiveness and foster networking exchange, collaborations with all organizations in Malaysia and abroad are welcomed. 

Backed by more than 400 experts from various backgrounds and disciplines, IBE is confident that it can deliver the best services to customers.