As professionals driven by results, we strive to ensure that clients gain from our partnership. Our consultants offer unparalleled knowledge and industry-focused to provide effective solutions through: 


   Quality Service Audit 2015 - Mystery Shopper
        Technique - PERNAMA

   Feasibility Studies for Shopping Complex Dev for ARZB
   Impact Studies (AEON BIG)    LRGS, FRGS, EKS, InCoMaR 2015, publication
   Customer Staisfaction Index  2015 - PERNAMA    Malaysian Franchise Association (MFAwards)
   Modul Pembangunan dan Pengkomersilan MYPRIDE- Penjara    Certificate in Airport Retailing - MAHB
   Human Capital Masterplan/ASNAF Development - MAIDAM    Certificate in Retail Management for Suppliers - TESCO
   Promotion and Distribution of 'Born to Serve, Built to Last : The
        PERNAMA Story'
   Baseline Study for Bumiputera in Retail & Distributive Trade 
        Industry with TERAJU / PUNB / INSKEN / BRO
   Leadership Training - Police Force    Executive Diploma in Retail Management - PERNAMA
   Skill Training – Politeknik Shah Alam and Johor Bharu    Pembangunan Pelan Modal Insan - MAIDAM
   Collaborative Training Programs with ILU/MPC/PERNAMA
   Commercial Development of Setiu Trengganu
   Research Workshops – PhD and Lecturers

   Technological Innovation and Consumer Analytical Insight 
        partner with PRS International Singapore

   GST and Consumer Education Training – KPDNKK
    Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) 



   Impak Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia (KPDNKK)

   Commercialisation of Malaysian Fruits/Halal Food (FAMA)
   Impact Studies(Tesco, AEON, Carrefour, The Store)    Commercialisation of Malaysian Handicraft (MOHE)
   Customer Satisfaction Index (TCI, Tenaga Switchgear, MTM)    Merchandising Training Programmes (MOTOUR, ERAMAN)
   Skin Care Lifestyle (Loreal (M) Sdn Bhd)    Courtesy Programmes (MOTOUR)
   Mystery Shopper, CSI, Focus Grp Studies (PERNAMA)    Retail Training Programmes(PUNB, Yayasan Pahang)
   Shopping Complex Development, Book Writing (PERNAMA)    Certificate in Retailing, Exec Diploma in Retailing (Jusco)
   Domestic Tourism Monitoring Studies (MOTOUR)    Online Retail Merchandising (Bloom Branding (KSA)
   Critical Success Factors in Retailing (MOHE)    A Study on SME Training Effectiveness - MOHR
   Branding Malaysia's Higher Education - MOHE    Stakeholder’s Audit - Tesco
   Leasing: Competitive Environment and Consumer Acceptance -
        Proton Commerce